Introduction To Organic Skincare

As a makeup artist, i work with quite a number of women who would do anything for a perfect, flawless, silky skin. I have clients who want every single acne, scar or birth mark covered, no matter how light or severe the blemish is. This is okay i really do not have a problem with one’s desire to look perfect.
On the other hand, i actually believe that one need not pack on the concealers, correctors and foundations to achieve that perfect finish. Like the saying goes, charity begins at home. I believe that in order to have the skin of your dreams in has to start from the inside; your diet, the things you take in, the things you apply topically (directly on to the skin).
Does your diet consist of pastries in the morning, rice in the afternoon and chips for dinner? Take a look at your dressing table, how well do you know and trust the ingredients on the product label? Do you know that drinking at least 3 litres of water a day can do amazing wonders for your skin? Did you know that fruits and veggies are your go to for detoxification? These are just little things that go a long way in our daily skincare routine if we are to boast of perfect, silky skin.
In the coming days i’m going to be dispelling some skincare myths, exposing some harsh ingredients in our skincare products and also sharing with you, the tips and tricks for achieving a youthful glow. I always tell people around me that knowledge is power. Sometimes you do not need an expensive product to cure that skin condition you have been battling for ages. Something as simple as discontinuing the use of your current lotion could just be the solution you have been looking for.
I hope you all get to stick with me on this journey as i take you through the rudiments of natural and organic skincare. Welcome to Ocha!

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